SOSTIENE – Home Telemedicine System to support personalised, precision and predictive care of Multiple Sclerosis patients.

SOSTIENE” has been performed by KELL Srl, in partnership with the University of Perugia, the Italian Association of Multiple Sclerosis and Hospital of Foligno.

SOSTIENE has developed an ICT solution for the remote monitoring of MS patients, linking them with their physicians, in a continuative modality.

It is an “e-Healthcare” solution, open to integrate data coming from bioinformatic Software. The University of Perugia, in fact, with the expertise of the Department of Chemical, Biology and Biotechnology  plus the Department of Medicine, is a reference center for the “omic” analysis and data processing, contributing to classify novel lipidomic data, useful to a clinical level.

The Hospital of Foligno and the AISM has been fundamental to link the ICT solution to patients and involve them into an ad hoc clinical study, approved by the Regional Ethical Committee.

SOSTIENE is the prototype of a new solution performing a predictive, participated and personalised medicine in the field of Multiple Sclerosis.



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