Innovation never stops


Innovation is adhere to changing reality, there is no enterprise innovative capacity that is expressed in the attempt to create a new response to the needs of the market.

Each firm was founded to create something new, through a process of continuing education: in terms of product, technical, service, but also positioning, distribution strategy, marketing, process.

New paradigms of the Future Internet are making evolve the product offering and research in terms of infrastructure and services for the citizen and the institutions. Leggi tutto…


eHealth (or “Smart Health”) is the response that technology offers to health care and family welfare to put under stress by lengthening life expectancy and the continuous and progressive aging of the population. IT and telecommunications allow you to collect, store, integrate, transmit, share and process information clinics giving the opportunity to monitor patients at home, avoiding frequent trips to the hospital. This has as its objective the care of the person and results in a substantial improvement in quality of life. Leggi tutto…

Earth Observation

The new high-resolution satellites have changed the way we monitor the environment and the phenomena that characterize it. The knowledge of the territory and of the consequences of natural events or neglect of man on it is steadily increasing thanks to the new systems of observation of the earth that can monitor values that characterize the sea, land and atmosphere. The national space agencies in collaboration with companies have developed several programs to monitor floods, seismic risk, fires, landslides, volcanic hazards, air quality, oil pollution of the sea, coastal management. Leggi tutto…

A dynamic and innovative company in space sector.

Renato Aurigemma

 A winning approach in Telemedicine.

Carlo Peraldo


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