Earth Observation

Earth Observation

The new high-resolution satellites have changed the way we monitor the environment and the phenomena that characterize it. The knowledge of the territory and of the consequences of natural events or neglect of man on it is steadily increasing thanks to the new systems of observation of the earth that can monitor values that characterize the sea, land and atmosphere. The national space agencies in collaboration with companies have developed several programs to monitor floods, seismic risk, fires, landslides, volcanic hazards, air quality, oil pollution of the sea, coastal management.

Kell designs and develops software systems for telemetry processing and production and processing of remote sensing images , optical and SAR, archiving and distribution of data and quality control.

The Kell has been active in the field of remote sensing since 1997, the year of its foundation; a research group was already involved in the industry since 1990. In recent years the team has grown to include more than 15 units. Physicists, engineers, electronic and oceanographers, are part of a young and dynamic scientific group engaged in development activities. Kell is an independent company that aims to be a benchmark for SMEs to Earth observation and remote sensing, providing specific knowledge and services to both private customers and public institutions. To achieve this goal the company has internal resources and the cooperation with research institutes, universities and in networking with other highly innovative SMEs.

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