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Kell and the INTESA project on stage in Florence image

On November 22, 2017, the conference “La ricerca va in scena: politiche in azione: presentazione di progetti e risultati di attività di ricerca condotta in Toscana”, was held in Florence. During the morning session, projects and results of the research activities conducted in Tuscany has been  presented. Research projects, carried out in collaboration with companies, universities and public and private research centers in Tuscany, include: new technologies in the energy sector, with particular reference to energy saving and renewable sources, and the integrated technology platform for optoelectronics , photonics, ICT, robotics and other related enabling technologies. The project “INTESA: Servizi ICT Integrati per il benessere dei soggetti fragili” was presented at the conference. The project is carried out by two companies, ...

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