Innovation is adhere to changing reality, there is no enterprise innovative capacity that is expressed in the attempt to create a new response to the needs of the market.

Each firm was founded to create something new, through a process of continuing education: in terms of product, technical, service, but also positioning, distribution strategy, marketing, process.

New paradigms of the Future Internet are making evolve the product offering and research in terms of infrastructure and services for the citizen and the institutions.

The future will be characterized by the proliferation of intelligent systems in which an increasing number of miniaturized electronic devices are included in most everyday objects to be supportive in daily activities. This will favor the fixed / mobile convergence and the emergence of innovative and dynamic in the various fields of everyday life.

The research activities of KELL are in the Aerospace and Health fields.The research activities of Kell integrates the expertise of research and engineering in industrial research focusing on four main fields of application: Health, Aerospace, Mobile, Future Internet Technologies.

In collaboration with the research areas, promoting the exploitation of research and its dissemination in the industry and market, leveraging the expertise of the team of engineers to develop advanced prototypes and translate them into innovative services.

The Kell proposes itself as a partner of research institutions, enterprises, company health, inventors who have innovative ideas and want to go from concept to prototyping and commercialization.

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