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Forum Mediterraneo in sanità Bari 12 e 13 settembre image

Security, responsibility, innovation were the themes of the Forum dedicated to “Innovation and Sustainability of Care: the South Proposals” held at the Fiera del Levante di Bari. The program offered different contexts of comparison on topics of interest to all healthcare professionals and citizens by offering the opportunity to know more in detail what is happening in the public health context. During the conference, main interest was aroused by the telemedicine and domiciliary session coordinated by the General Manager ASL Lecce Silvana Melli and by the ASL General Manager Brindisi Giuseppe Pasqualone. Cesare Aragno (CTO- Kell) represented TBS Group, one of the most important active groups in this field. A reality with a turnover of 200 million, 2,000 employees, 930,000 ...

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