eHealth (or “Smart Health”) is the response that technology offers to health care and family welfare to put under stress by lengthening life expectancy and the continuous and progressive aging of the population. IT and telecommunications allow you to collect, store, integrate, transmit, share and process information clinics giving the opportunity to monitor patients at home, avoiding frequent trips to the hospital. This has as its objective the care of the person and results in a substantial improvement in quality of life.

The “Telemedicine” is the use of various types of telecommunications to deliver health care at a distance, creating an environment where virtual clinical environment provide patients with basic information and specialists clinical consultation to enable them to operate virtually except for what it involves touching the patient.

During last years, Kell has established a leadership position in the development of telemedicine systems; enhancing technological innovations in the ICT field that can be used in the health sector to improve the efficiency and increase the quality of health processes, in all the different contexts of their “value chain” such as prevention, emergency care, maintenance of own well-being – wellness, family support, clinical and epidemiological studies. Along with some of the major Italian companies, it has developed the largest telemedicine programs especially some of them based on satellite communications for mobile telemedicine.

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