Kell J-Hospital ™ is a Web-based system for the management of clinical records media suitable to the management of a single structure is a network for the sharing of clinical data between hospitals, doctors and patients.

On the topic of Health with the aim to improve the technology in the care of people by offering a substantial improvement in quality of life. In particular the challenge of innovation is on telemedicine, tele-assistance, tele-consultation and management of elderly and chronic patients. The system Kell J-Hospital ™ is born for the collection and management of clinical data across a distributed network such as:

  • Medical Record Department
  • Clinical trials
  • House assistance
  • Tele consultation
  • Transactions on vehicles

The system is the focus for all models of sharing of clinical data. The main features are:

  • Configurability cards
  • Relational database centralized
  • Management of instrumental tests with standard interfaces DICOM
  • Messaging System for Newsletter
  • messaging system with alerting to “Second Opinion”
  • Tool for extraction of statistical data
  • Managing workflows
  • Processing of data for validation of the “Data Entry”
  • System of internal graphics
  • Security (Authentication, Confidentiality, Integrity, Non-repudiation)
  • Multilanguage support
  • Management of cooperative work for remote consultation through videoconferencing systems
  • Interfaces with tools (electrocardiographs, ultrasound, monitors vital parameters …)


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