It is one of the first experiences telemedicine network-based two-way satellite developed by European Space Agency. TelAny addresses the following scenarios in a comprehensive approach:

  • Monitoring of patients directly accessing vital signs recorded by implanted devices (scenario)
  • Emergency situations on board ships in Norway (scenario b)
  • All data collected during the demonstration sessions of the project were centrally stored in a large database accessible by specialists (scenario c)


Scenario a) demonstration sessions have collected the data of patients using a receiving device telemetry system implanted and connected to a terminal Globalstar satellite.

For scenarios b) the demonstration was carried aboard a transport ship passengers and goods that regularly sails in the ports along the Norwegian coast.

Scenario c) were collected data from other scenarios in a large database accessible by both terrestrial and satellite internet connection.

Cliente: ESA – ESTEC, Agenzia Spaziale Europea, European Space Research and Technology Center

Ruolo Kell: Prime

Partner: Elsacom, Medtronic Italia S.p.A., Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine, Well Diagnostics, Telespazio S.p.A.


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