The use of satellite and aerial imagery for the detection and classification of cultivated fields is a very promising, but still not commercially exploited. This is due to many factors such as: availability of up to date images at low cost, difficulties in processing specific image, cost of licensing of specific software tools to manage the data.

The main activities of WAGRIT fall under the monitoring of land by small entities, such as small rural communities, local authorities etc.

WAGRIT aims to integrate automatic classification of product supervisor and classification of spectral signatures of farmland.

WAGRIT offers, via the Web, an IT solution to the problem of recognition of the vegetated cover and vegetation classification. For this purpose the data managed by WAGRIT are suitable to realize a spatio-temporal analysis for land applications.

During the project we have been specifically developed functions of aerial and satellite image processing, whose products, field boundaries and classification of cultivated species vegetate have been integrated into the Internet / GIS developed by Kell Guardian ™ to provide valuable support to the activities of controls Agricultural and more generally the management of the territory.

Some case studies have been addressed and reported to demonstrate the potential of the method and model of service

Cliente: ASI, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, Bando per la preparazione di proposte di Progetti di Sviluppo Tecnologici

Ruolo Kell: Unico Contractor

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