It is one of the first experiences of telemedicine-based satellite networks developed by European Space Agency. The objective of this project was the creation of a database with normal data and multimedia (movies, pictures) of patients referred to the participating centers. In addition a server was used to broadcast video clips direct to doctors (updates and other information deemed useful).

The pilot study involved early on 35 European centers that cooperate in the field of hematology and transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells. The rational medical project consisted in the idea that all the information that represent the clinical history of a patient – only partially and fragmentarily collected in paper based patient records – are a key asset at the time of each decision, both diagnostic and therapeutic. The doctors and nurses have the opportunity to register and access all relevant data related to the medical history of the patient. Of course everything in the most absolute respect of “privacy”, in accordance with the legislation on the matter.

The clinical protocol for the thrombocytopenia was recorded between November 2001 and March 2002. The results of the tests were made in line with the tests carried out with conventional systems. The advantage of the online system was to have all data online simultaneously. The data collected have contributed to the analysis of medical pathology thrombocytopenia effective in relation to the use of the active Detametazone

Cliente: ESA – ESTEC, Agenzia Spaziale Europea, European Space Research and Technology Center

Ruolo Kell: Prime

Partner: Telespazio, GIMEMA

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