Our Vision “make everyday life easier with computing by making the technology easy, usable and available to everyone through continuous innovation.”

This objective is pursued through a process of continuous innovation that promotes the exploitation of research and its dissemination in the industry and market.

The research activities of Kell integrates the expertise of research and engineering in industrial research focusing on four main fields of application: Health, Aerospace, Mobile, Future Internet Technologies.

The future will be characterized by the proliferation of intelligent systems in which an increasing number of miniaturized electronic devices are included in most everyday objects to be supportive in daily activities. This will increase the fixed/mobile convergence and the emergence of innovative and dynamic services in the various fields of everyday life.

On the topic of Health the aim it is to improve the technology in the care of people by offering a substantial improvement in quality of life. In particular the challenge of innovation is on telemedicine, tele-assistance, tele-consultation and management of elderly and chronic patients. Services that facilitate the movement of information reducing the movement of citizens.

On the topic of Earth observation research on the processing of remote sensing data and new tools for future satellites provides opportunity for the development of new services and tools for land management.

The process of innovation in Kell is based on some principles:

  • Valuing the experience: through a continuous process of analysis and evaluation of experience to improve.
  • User Involvement: fundamental process of industrial innovation is the involvement of potential users from the very beginning of the process from the product.

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