On February 20, the State-Regions Conference approved the document “Telemedicine – Guidelines National” which for the first time directs the work in the field of telemedicine initiatives.

A praise also came from the Ministry of Health has recognized the importance of the information contained in the act that finally raises the stakes with regard to the services provided on an “telemedicine”. The paper proposes a model of shared governance initiatives in telemedicine which aims to harmonize the application models in the delivery and use of services in the field of health and social distance.

The guidelines indicate the elements essential to the design and use of telemedicine devices within the National Social and Health System. It is outlined a strategic framework in which we highlight the priority areas of application of telemedicine, analyzes the models, processes and methods of integration of its remote services in clinical practice. Moreover classifications are identified and addressed the related regulatory aspects and the economic sustainability of services in the field of telemedicine. The document, based on the cartel established by the State-Regions, requires that there is the implementation of the guidelines by all the regions and autonomous provinces and that this recepi