The next European mission Sentinel-2 has reached a significant milestone with respect to its goal of producing optical image resolution for monitoring changes on the ground. After seven years of work, the best product technology imagine is ready to go on the first satellite.

While many scientists and members met recently to discuss the many applications that Sentinel will make possible, the engineers at Airbus and Space defense in Germany were working on the delivery of the device to capture multispectral images.

Participants in the scientific workshop on the Sentinel-2, held in Italy last week, were thrilled to learn that years spent in the development, assembly and testing of this tool, have produced an object that will completely transform our ability to understand as the soil is used. Sentinel-2A will be launched by the end of April 2015, while Sentinel-2B a year later.

Currently Sentinel-2A is being integrated into the satellite platform, the first of an extensive phase of testing at Monaco and delivery to ESA for launch from the base in French Guiana.

More information in the original article on the ESA website.